Meet Blanka

Meet the newest member of our family: Blanka, the French Bulldog.

OMG, is he the cutest thing ever, or what?

We picked him up today in Irvine, California, from our breeder.  He's a purebred 9-week-old Frenchie -- black brindle with a little white patch on his chest.  We're calling him Blanka for a couple of reasons:

- He's an awkward little ball of muscle, sort of like his Street Fighter namesake

- Ron thought it would be ironic because he is, in fact, not white ("blanca") but rather...the opposite of white

- When he is older we obviously plan on teaching him all of Blanka's moves, such as the Blanka ball and the shock move.  Right now his only move is shocking you...WITH HIS CUTENESS!

Heh.  It's a long drive back to San Jose, but he's just been sleeping in a box at my feet: