The cheapest sneakers...ever

On Saturday, the boy and I dropped by the Palo Alto Neiman Marcus so he could return some jeans.  We had some time to kill (we were heading up to the city), so we took a look at the women's shoe section, naturally.
Sam Edelman Holden Sneakers
 He was browsing through the sale rack when he saw a pair of sneakers that he thought were kind of neat (for me), so he picked them up.  He tossed me a size 8.5, which what I normally wear in an open-toed sandal -- not a sneaker.

"Look for a 9 or a 9.5," I said as I slipped out of my six-inch heels to try the sneakers on.

He looked through the remaining sneakers until he found a 9, and then he laughed.

"Look...these are mislabeled.  It's supposed to be $150, but they actually say $1.50!"  He said, holding the sneaker up.  A sales guy nearby looked over curiously.  He handed the shoe to the sales guy and jokingly asked, "Will you guys honor the lowest marked price?"

The sales guy looked at the shoe and then shrugged, "Let me ask."
Originally $150, on sale for $100
We sat around for awhile as the sales guy puttered around the back, presumably asking his manager whether the store would sell us the sneaker for $1.50.  About 15 minutes later, he came out with the shoe in hand.

" manager says sure.  We'll honor the lowest marked price."

So our total was $1.68, including tax.

Yes, that really happened.  The moral of the story never hurts to ask?
$1.68 with tax