We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday to try out my new camera.  A lot of "tips for freelancers" articles advise having a routine -- similar to what you'd have if you worked a real job.  They're very adamant about how you should work like you're in an office (e.g. wake up at 8 a.m., take a shower, get dressed in work clothes, only eat lunch on your lunch break, etc.), even though you're at home.
Okay, am I the only one who didn't know that sand dollars are like...hairy?
 That's BS.  If you want to work in an office, go work in an office.  Office jobs are much easier to get, they come with benefits such as  health and dental insurance, and your employer pays your taxes.  If you're so into waking up early and dressing in real clothes, you're in luck, because that actually makes you fairly employable.  But if you're like me -- not a morning person at all -- then the extra effort (and taxes) of freelancing is totally worth it.
I love cuttlefish.  They were all mating in the tank.  Except this one.
So my advice to freelancers is:
- Wake up whenever you want
- Go to bed whenever you feel like it
- Your business hours do not have to be the same every day -- but you do have to have some
- Under no circumstances should you get dressed (or at least, in work clothes) to sit in your house and type away at the computer
- Go out to lunch with friends (probably friends who have office jobs) when you have the chance
- Take lots of trips, but not non-working "vacations"
- Occasionally go to the aquarium, or a museum, or a movie in the middle of the day because you feel like it.  And because you can.
Ron in front of the kelp tank