Watch Me Do Stuff In Motion!

Sometimes, I appear in videos! Here are a few highlights.

CES 2015 - Witricity wireless electricity (aka electricity OF THE FUTURE):

CES 2015 - ReWalk Robotics Exoskeleton -- a device that lets paraplegics walk again. Legs OF THE FUTURE: 

CES 2013 - Audi's self-parking car. Parking OF THE FUTURE!!!!

CES 2013 - Neurosky brainwave controller...headset...thingie. Basically, lets you control objects WITH YOUR MIND. But, like, not really. Lets you control objects with your brainwaves, which is totally different from your mind: 

So...lots of tech from the future. Oh, also, I made this video with Blanka because my editors reaaallly wanted me to bring my French bulldog puppy into the office: