The Sex/Relationship Beat

Most of you know me as a tech writer, but I branch out -- occasionally! Here's a sampling of sex and relationship articles I've written recently for Men's Health:

10 Things to Say to Get Her Naked...Right Now
- Just remember to never say "I love you" -- that always backfires!

How to Have Multiple Orgasms
- Okay, so apparently this is harder for guys -- but not impossible!

The 5 Guys She Might Leave You For
- Don't worry -- she'll only leave you for these guys if, well, there are other issues in your relationship...

5 Ways You Screw Up Foreplay
- Yeah, it also depends on the girl. But here are five things to avoid anyway!

5 Reasons She's Attracted to Your Best Friend
- Or rather, five reasons she flirts with him -- even though she's not really all that attracted to him (at least, not compared to how she feels about you).

Sexy Things You Do That She Actually Finds Super-Creepy
- I don't know if any of these things are actually sexy, though. More like, things you think are sexy...that definitely are not. Just. Stop.

5 Easy Ways to Make Her Horny
- Hint: Start early!

Little Things That Make Her Jealous
- Sometimes it seems like she gets jealous over absolutely nothing, am I right? Well, maybe it's not really nothing.

4 Mistakes Guaranteed to Get You Friend-Zoned
- Hey...sometimes you can't avoid the friend zone. Happens to everyone. Get over it. But here are four things you do that land you there every. Single. Time.

5 Things She Wants You to Do For Her
- She can do a lot of things for/by herself. But that doesn't mean she wants least, not all the time.

What She Wants You to Notice
- She got a hair cut? Unless she chopped it all off, it's not a big deal. She spent FOUR HOURS getting ready? You need to at least tell her she's hot.

5 Nice Things Guys Do That Girls Actually Hate
- In the words of Pam from the office: "Heart-shaped jewelry is not something that a woman buys for herself." You know why? BECAUSE WE HATE IT.

...And more! You can find the rest of my work for Men's Health here.