About Sarah

Writer. Editor. Model. Traveler. Night Owl. Gamer. Geekette. Superstar.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Sarah is a writer, world traveler, and unapologetic third-culture kid. After graduating from the American School in Japan in 2005, Sarah moved on to one of the smaller big cities in the world: New York.

Sarah graduated from New York University in 2009, with honors and a double bachelor's degree in Journalism and Cinema Studies. During her tenure at NYU, she was fortunate to hold internships with both Cosmopolitan and GIANT magazine. Within one month of graduating, she moved across the country to work as an editorial intern in the San Francisco offices of PCWorld.

After completing her six-month internship at PCWorld, Sarah was thrust into the world of freelance writing. Here, she discovered -- not much to her surprise -- that freelance writing was her calling. She has been making a living as a full time freelance writer for seven years, and has never had a "real job" (much to her mother's dismay).

Sarah currently writes for several publications -- including PCWorld, Men's Health, SHAPE, CNET, and Macworld -- and covers a variety of topics. Her main focuses include consumer technology, fitness, sex and relationships, social media, small and medium business solutions, and, of course, the always-interesting topic of digital copyright law.

Sarah has been interviewed as an expert on social networking, Internet privacy, and selfie-taking on NPR, CNN, and RT TV.

She is currently based in Los Angeles.